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Most of us put our free time to good use by engaging in a variety of recreational activities, such as watching TV, reading, exercising, attending baseball games, going to the movies, playing computer and video games and so on. While some have already identified - and actively engage in - their favorite leisure time activity(ies), others may still be seeking theirs.

Allow me to demonstrate. As one of my many leisure activities, I used to really enjoy watching TV in the evenings. Now, I find it boring and monotonous. I needed, however, to find a suitable replacement. But what? Luckily, I didn't have wait too long before the solution to my dilemma miraculously appeared on a silver platter. Yup, a revolutionary new type of computer game called a casual game. I haven’t looked back since.

As one of hundreds of millions of people around the globe that enjoys playing computer and video games, I first stumbled upon the term casual games - often also referred to as games for everyone - several months ago. Intrigued and being an avid computer games player, I decided to conduct some research on the subject and was truly fascinated with what I was able to learn about this rapidly growing segment of the so-called interactive entertainment industry.

I now spend a significant portion of my leisure time - as does my wife and two children, my sister, my mother-in-law and many of my closest friends - engrossed in playing a multitude of easy to learn, easy to play, non-violent casual games; without having to sacrifice too much of my limited personal time. And, like most casual gamers I know, I love and enjoy every minute of it.

This web-site, together with its partner web-sites, offers the following casual gaming services:

  1. Play casual online (also known as web or browser-based) games via your web browser for FREE.
  2. Download, install and play your favorite full version casual PC (Microsoft Windows) games or Mac (Apple Macintosh) games for FREE, usually for period of one (1) hour.
  3. Purchase your favorite full version casual PC (Microsoft Windows) games or Mac (Apple Macintosh) games for unlimited offline play.
  4. Purchase full version casual PC (Microsoft Windows) or Mac (Apple Macintosh) games for unlimited offline play at discounts of up to 65% by becoming a monthly subscriber.
  5. Participate in one of the top casual games social networking programs in the industry and, if you so desire, even make a little extra money in the process.
  6. Buy casual game gift certificates for members of your family or for your friends.
  7. Safe downloads, i.e. no adware or spyware or viruses.
  8. Quick and easy checkout and payment services.
  9. Best in class online help and player support services.
  10. Money back guarantee.

It is my hope that this web-site, dedicated to all casual gamers across the globe, will provide each and every one of you with many hours of fun-filled and exciting entertainment.

.....come on...dare to have some fun...you won't regret it.....