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Kaban Sprint401. Kaban Sprint
»Help Kaban Sprint through each level and help him achieve his dream of being the best sprinter in the world!
»Release date: 2010-08-17

Kaban Steeplechase402. Kaban Steeplechase
»Go on a Kaban Steeplechase! Avoid dangerous obstacles as you race across the desert! Can you survive this epic adventure?
»Release date: 2010-08-10

Kangaroo Chase403. Kangaroo Chase
»Catch the Kangaroo as quickly as you can in this fun and exciting Action & Arcade game!
»Release date: 2011-04-07

Kelly Green Garden Queen404. Kelly Green Garden Queen
»Kelly is a city gal who has decided to abandon the concrete jungle for life on a budding farm. Help her become a Garden Queen!
»Release date: 2009-12-12
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Kindergarten405. Kindergarten
»You may have cared for a baby once or twice in your life, but can you run an entire daycare? Try it in this adorable time management game.
»Release date: 2009-02-05
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Kingdom of Saguenay406. Kingdom of Saguenay
»Defend the Kingdom of Saguenay from the terrifying Bee invaders! Plan your attacks carefully and save the kingdom!
»Release date: 2010-07-22

Kitten Bowling407. Kitten Bowling
»It’s time for some Kitten Bowling! Knock down the invading animals and stay alive as long as you can in this fun game!
»Release date: 2010-06-15

Kitten Dream408. Kitten Dream
»Catch as many fish as you can in this Kitten Dream! Use your fishing pole to catch as many fish as you can!
»Release date: 2009-05-09

Klarbles409. Klarbles
»Ready to lose your Klarbles? Remove all but one klarble from the board in this challenging online version of peg solitaire.
»Release date: 2008-10-26

Klouds410. Klouds
»Fill up the white Klouds with a few clicks of your mouse and remove the bombs as quickly as you can in this fun Puzzle game!
»Release date: 2010-04-12

Kupid on Strike411. Kupid on Strike
»Use Cupid`s arrows to shoot down hearts! Time and aim your shots just right to avoid obstacles and pop as many as you can.
»Release date: 2009-03-26

Ladybird Flee412. Ladybird Flee
»Protect your ladybug and run away from the evil sheep! Dodge the sheep’s lunges, lasers, and a whole slew of other attacks!
»Release date: 2009-04-05

Lamp of Aladdin413. Lamp of Aladdin
»Catch a glimpse of a world where dreams come true and fairytales are real in Lamp of Aladdin, a unique Match 3 game!
»Release date: 2010-06-20
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Layers414. Layers
»Figure out the Layers in this tricky Puzzle game!
»Release date: 2010-11-17

Le Patisserie415. Le Patisserie
»Serve up delicious food at Le Patisserie! Keep your critter clientele happy and serve them yummy treats as quickly as you can!
»Release date: 2010-04-14

Light Sprites416. Light Sprites
»Sling colorful orbs into matching holes to populate the world with mirthful dancing sprites in this ridiculously fun arcade game!
»Release date: 2008-01-11

LineDodger417. LineDodger
»Keep your glowing orb away from the lines in LineDodger, a lightning-fast arcade game. Touch one line and it's all over!
»Release date: 2008-09-11

Little Red-Cap Run!418. Little Red-Cap Run!
»Escape a fiendish wolf before you become dinner! Run as fast as you can while avoiding dangerous obstacles in Little Red Cap Run!
»Release date: 2009-08-13

Live Wires419. Live Wires
»Caution, high voltages ahead! Leap from slider to slider to avoid the high-power grid in this electrifying arcade game.
»Release date: 2008-09-22

Lt. Fly vs. the Spiders from Above420. Lt. Fly vs. the Spiders from Above
»Help Lt. Fly make matches and earn ammo to battle the infantry spiders from above.
»Release date: 2007-10-30

Luminara421. Luminara
»Dodge and destroy! Keep pernicious polygons at bay with an incredible assortment of weapons in this thrilling arcade game!
»Release date: 2008-04-24

Luxor 2422. Luxor 2
»Matching and marble-popping action will captivate you in this unique Egyptian-themed puzzler.
»Release date: 2006-12-08
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»Mac version info »Download Mac trial version »Purchase full Mac version

Mad Worms Intrusion424. Mad Worms Intrusion
»Fend off the Mad Worms Intrusion in this fun and exciting Action & Arcade game! Aim your trusty slingshot and protect the apples!
»Release date: 2010-07-18

Magic Bounce425. Magic Bounce
»Destroy the blocks in Magic Bounce! Collect awesome powerups and bonus points as you blow up different levels!
»Release date: 2010-09-29

Magic Dwarf426. Magic Dwarf
»Collect all the crystals!
»Release date: 2011-12-01

Magic Eggs427. Magic Eggs
»Get the eggs into the nest!
»Release date: 2011-10-31

Magic Poker428. Magic Poker
»Master Magic Poker and toss your cards into the hat!
»Release date: 2011-03-16

Magic Valentine429. Magic Valentine
»Find your Magic Valentine in this quirky Hidden Object game!
»Release date: 2011-02-14

Magic Witch430. Magic Witch
»Shoot down all the Magic Witches with specially colored balls in this fast-paced Action game! How many points can you earn?
»Release date: 2009-09-21

Magical Mysteries: Path of the Sorceress431. Magical Mysteries: Path of the Sorceress
»Use your Match 3 skills to make potions and defeat your enemies in Magical Mysteries: Path of the Sorceress!
»Release date: 2011-08-20
»PC version info »Download PC trial version »Purchase full PC version

Magma Balance432. Magma Balance
»Avoid the lava in Magma Balance! Drag the characters to safety to unlock more levels and survive the volcanic explosion!
»Release date: 2010-05-28

Mama Fly433. Mama Fly
»Mama Fly needs to deposit her larvae before she dies. Help her drop babies onto trash piles in this funny (and disgusting!) game.
»Release date: 2009-01-14

Marbles!434. Marbles!
»Destroy all the Marbles as quickly as you can in this fun and exciting Match 3 game! How long can you survive?
»Release date: 2010-05-03

Marbly435. Marbly
»Match the colored balls to make them disappear in Marbly! Use as few moves as possible to move on to the next level!
»Release date: 2009-11-13

Marbyl436. Marbyl
»Catch a barrage of prismatic marbyls in this colorful, online arcade game!
»Release date: 2009-01-13

Massage Paradise437. Massage Paradise
»Go to Massage Paradise in this Matching game!
»Release date: 2011-02-26

Maze Man438. Maze Man
»Strap on your cross-trainers and help Maze Man collect all the pellets in the maze before the nasty red suits catch him.
»Release date: 2008-09-14

Maze Man 2439. Maze Man 2
»Maze Man faces even more difficult challenges in this a-maze-ing sequel. Help him collect pellets and avoid nasty obstacles.
»Release date: 2008-12-25

Maze Stopper440. Maze Stopper
»Lookout! The little man wants to steal your flag. Build a maze and see how long you can distract him before he gets it.
»Release date: 2008-09-01

Maze Stopper 2441. Maze Stopper 2
»Get your guy to the flag first! Build obstacles that lure your opponent off the track in Maze Stopper 2, an online strategy game.
»Release date: 2008-11-22

Meet My Valentine442. Meet My Valentine
»Find the differences in this hilarious love story! Pass each level quickly to get the best possible ending!
»Release date: 2009-06-07

Meteor Blast Synergy443. Meteor Blast Synergy
»Vaporize speeding meteors before they cause any damage in this spectacular, spaced-out Arcade game!
»Release date: 2009-03-12

Meteor Blastor444. Meteor Blastor
»Relive the fun of early hand-held games with this retro shooter! Blast waves of menacing meteors, just like the good old days.
»Release date: 2008-01-28

Meteors445. Meteors
»Take a break from shooting aliens and drift through Meteors in this peaceful arcade game. Just be sure your ship doesn't hit any!
»Release date: 2008-09-13

Metheora446. Metheora
»Survive this puzzle game and make it through Metheora!
»Release date: 2011-06-21

Midnight Race447. Midnight Race
»Go pedal to the metal in a full-tilt Midnight Race. Use arrow keys to steer your hotrod around slowpokes. Brakes are for losers!
»Release date: 2008-11-16

Mighty Miner448. Mighty Miner
»Hoist your pick and your shovel, Mighty Miner mole. You've got gems and valuables to unearth in this cute online action game.
»Release date: 2008-09-10

Mighty Red Orb449. Mighty Red Orb
»Guide the Mighty Red Orb of Eternal Power through dangerous mazes! Blast away obstacles to escape and survive the tunnels.
»Release date: 2009-11-30

Mini Game Room450. Mini Game Room
»Enjoy the Mini Game Room in this fun game!
»Release date: 2011-08-16

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