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In total, there are 1509 online games

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10 Seconds Difference»Spot the differences in 10 seconds!
1-i»Help 1-i catch the tasty green globs!
2 Minutes in Space»Survive your 2 Minutes in Space!
2000 Sudoku»Solve the tricky puzzle!
3D Logic»Fascinating logic game.
4 Elements»Restore magic to a kingdom in peril.
5 Brain Teasers»Solve 5 Brain Teasers!
5 Til»Save the world in five minutes!
7 Wonders: Treasures of Seven»Build wondrous structures!
7Seas Estates»Build your estate and increase your fortune.
9 Ball Challenge»Play some 9 Ball!
A Good Hunch»A dreamy journey through the summer sky.
ABC Cubes: Teddy's Playground»Collect the ABC Cubes!
Absolute Zero»Mete out death and mercy in outer space!
Abstract Arcade»Defend your ship and stay alive!
Achievements & Medals»Collect your Achievements and Medals!
Adventure Ho!»Only you can save Princess Gertrude!
Adventure Near the Castle»Go on an Adventure near the Castle!
Adventures of Robinson Crusoe»Help Crusoe get off the deserted island!
Aequilibrium 3»Take on tricky puzzles!
Aerial Avenger»Destroy your enemies to get vengeance!
African Lodge»Escape the African Lodge!
After Glow»Practice your spaceship-driving skills.
Agatha Christie - Death on the Nile»A thrilling murder mystery.
Age of Japan»Align yourself with the Age of Japan.
Age of Japan 2»Carry out the Emperor`s mission!
Agent Orange - Buggy Day»Defeat the evil Agent Blue!
Agnes II Solitaire»Up your solitaire ante with Agnes II.
Air Patrol»Go on an Air Patrol!
Airborne»Burst balloons with slingshot savagery!
Airport Mania 2: Wild Trips»Your travel destination for fun!
Airport Mania: First Flight»Control the tower and land the planes.
Albert the Dog»Help Albert the dog become a cosmonaut!
Alchemical»Dive into Alchemical!
Alex in Danger»Take to the wilds with Alex!
Alex Trax»Alex goes extreme!
Algerian Patience Solitaire»Not just another ordinary card game.
Alien Abduction II»Abduct the humans!
Alien Discipline»Lay down some Alien Discipline!
Alien Guard»Become the Alien Guard!
Aliens Must Die»The galaxy depends on you, captain!
Alpha Assault»Your kingdom is under Alpha Assault!
Alphabet Jungle»Escape the steamy alphabet jungle.
Amazing Sea World»Put the pictures together!
Amor»Help Cupid spread Amor!
Ancestor's Legacy»Explore your Ancestor's Legacy!
Ancient Powers»Master the magical Ancient Powers!
Ancient Quest of Saqqarah»A divine Match 3 Egyptian adventure.
Ancient Symbols»Discover the Ancient Symbols!
Ancient Vortex Blast»Use an Ancient Vortex Blast!
Angry Cows»Send cows flying!
Anika's Odyssey»Help Anika retrieve her beloved bunny!
Animal Carousel»Repair the Animal Carousel!
Annie's Millions»A million dollar shopping spree!
Ant Ascent»Help the little Ant on his Ascent!
Ant War»Did you ever want an ant farm?
Antar the Difference»Spot the differences!
Anti Ant»Save the party from ant attacks!
Antiquities Storehouse»Escape from an Antiquities Shop!
Apartment Escape 2»Escape the apartment!
Apple Kabopple»Help Torti collect tasty apples!
Aqua Fish Puzzle»Solve the Aqua Fish Puzzle!
AquaBubbles»Match up the AquaBubbles!
AquaGems»Collect the AquaGems!
Aquanum»Leap into the deep end!
Aquarium Scoop Hotshot»Scoop up the little fishes!
Aquastones Catch'em»Have fun in Aquastones Catch’em!
Aquastones Defuse»Defuse the dangerous bombs!
Aquastones Match'em»Match the Aquastones!
Arctic Quest»Solve puzzles, free the world from ice!
Arctic Quest 2»Play the sequel to the hit puzzle game!
Argent Burst»Defend the city from swarms of missiles!
Armored Ashura»Command your own Armored Ashura!
Armoured Assault»Epic combat behind enemy lines!
Around the World in 80 Days»A whirlwind journey around the world!
Ashton's Family Resort»Build a great resort!
Asterisk»Catch the stars in Asterisk!
Asterisk 2»Catch the stars in Asterisk 2!
Asteroids Revenge»Help an asteroid get its revenge!
Astro Avenger 2»Save humankind from hostile aliens.
Astro Chaser»Pilot your ship through mazes!
Atlantis Quest»Search for the lost city of Atlantis!
Atlantis! Game»Travel to Atlantis!
Attic Jamaway»Escape from the Attic Jamaway!
Avalanche»Hop your way to the top of the blocks!
Avalon Escape»Escape a mysterious dungeon!
Avoidal»Help the red robot Avoidal!
Azada ®»Break free from a magical puzzle prison.
Azada: Ancient Magic»Meet famous icons in this magic sequel.
Aztec Blocks»Montezuma will have his Match 3 revenge!
Baby Baby»This little baby needs your attention!
Baby Chameleon»Feed the Baby Chameleon!
Baby Restaurant»Run a Baby Restaurant!
Babylonia»Explore a spellbinding Match 3 paradise!
Backgammon»Have some Backgammon fun!
Baffle Bees»Can you master the swarm?
Ball Challenge»Keep your eye on the balls!
Ball Story»Destroy the tiles to collect the stars!
Ballies»Match the similar colors in Ballies!
Ballies Shoot»Blast the balls out of the sky!
Balloon & Maze»Help a balloonist escape a deadly maze!
Balloon Invasion»Blast zepplins with lead!
Balloons Mail»Deliver the mail!
Ballz»Clear all the Ballz to move on!
Bamblox»Bam some blocks!
Base Jumping»Become the king of extreme sports!
Basement Escape»Escape the Basement!
Basketball Shot Fun»Have some Basketball Shot Fun!
Basketball: A New Challenge»Take on Basketball: A New Challenge!
Bathroom Escape»Escape from a Bathroom!
Bato: Treasures of Tibet»Make the similarly colored stones meet!
Battalion: Nemesis»Command your army against the enemy!
Battle Royale»Feel the thrill of tank-to-tank combat.
Be Water»Go with the flow and Be Water!
Beach Party Craze»Catch some rays in the summer sun.
Beadz!»A labryrinth of bursting Beadz!
Beijing Mahjongs»Dive into Beijing Mahjong's fun gameplay!
Belle`s Beauty Boutique»Can you run a salon?
Beneath Oval Cabinet»Search Beneath the Oval Cabinet!
Berryville»Defend the berry farmers from the aliens!
Big City Adventure: Sydney, Australia»Search for hidden objects down under!
Big Kahuna Reef»Discover the sea.
Big Tails Revenge»This looks like a job for Super Cat!
Big Tree Defense»Defend the planet from insects!
Bigfoot: Chasing Shadows»Hunt the legendary Bigfoot!
BigTree TopGun»Blow up the invaders!
Bilbo: The Four Corners of the World»Run restaurants around the world!
Biomass»Destroy the Biomass!
Bird Family»Reunite a loveable Bird Family!
Birds Defender»Become the Bird's Defender!
Bird's Town»Build up Birds Town!
Bird's View»Choose the picture from the Bird’s View!
Black and White Mahjong 2»Dive into Mahjong fun!
Blastor»Blast off in this action game.
BlastUrWei»Blast your way as high as you can!
Blastwave»Help the survivors find rescue!
Blinkout»Find your way in the dark in Blinkout!
Blob Bopper»Help the fish collect bubbles!
Block Dodger»Become a fantastic Block Dodger!
Block Drop»Jump on each block to clear the level!
Block Master»Arrange blocks to test your logic skills!
Blockage»Solve tricky puzzles in Blockage!
Blockies»Destroy the Blockies!
Blockies Breakout»Destroy the Blockies!
Blockstacker»Match-3 fun with stacking blocks!
Blocky»Clear away all the boxes quickly!
Blocky 2»Clear the screen in Blocky 2!
Blockz!»Rotate blocks as fast as you can!
Blox Forever Deluxe»Quench your puzzle-solving addiction.
Bloxxy»Make the faces disappear in Bloxxy!
Blue Mask Secret»Discover the Blue Mask Secret!
Bluep»Destroy your enemies and survive!
Board?»Perform radical tricks in Board!
Bobble Dragon»Avoid the evil Bobble Dragon!
Bomb a Bomb»Bomb a Bomb in this fun Puzzle game!
Bomb A Guy»Dodge the bombs!
Bomber Chomp»Reach for the stars in Bomber Chomp!
Bomberblastic»Destroy the bombs in Bomberblastic!
Bomby Bomy»Bounce the bombs!
Bond Escape»Escape a dangerous penthouse!
Boo-Boo and the Virus»Help Boo-Boo defeat the virus!
Bookfish»Spell out words in Bookfish!
Bookstories»The librarian needs your help!
Boozoids»Bomb the Boozoids!
Born in a Barn»Help a young dragon find his place!
Born to be Big»Be the biggest fish!
Boudicca»Explore the world of Boudicca!
Boulder Basher 3»Protect your city from ogres!
Boulder Dash-Pirate’s Quest»Help find a fantastic Pirate’s treasure!
Bounceroid 2000»Bounce your way to a high score!
Bouncing Fun»Have some Bouncing Fun!
Bouncing Tomatoes»Help the Bouncing Tomatoes!
Bouncy Balls»Destroy the Bouncy Balls!
Bowling»Bowling fun, without the ugly shoes!
Bowling Fun»Come enjoy some Bowling Fun!
Box Puzzle»Solve some tricky Box Puzzles!
Boxes Stucking»Stack boxes as high as you can!
Brain Bones»Throw some bones and use your brain!
Brave Dragon»Save Dragonkind from extermination!
Brave Kings»Defeat the Brave Kings!
Brave Plane»Defend your homeland from invaders!
Break'n Drop»Break'n Drop the smilies!
Bricks Destroyer»Destroy the Bricks!
Bricks Of Egypt»Beautiful brick-busting Bonanza.
Brickshooter Egypt»Unravel mysteries of ancient hieroglyphs
Bricktris»Build a wall from bricks that fall!
Brickz!»Stack 'em high! Build the tallest tower.
Brickz! 2»Build the world's highest block tower.
Bridesmaids»Dive into Bridesmaids!
BubaFish»Catch the fish in your bubble!
Bubble Bee»Destroy the Bubbles!
Bubble Cannon»Burst bubbles with cannon power!
Bubble Fun»Enjoy Bubble Fun in this Match 3 game!
Bubble Fun 2»Beat your opponent in Bubble Fun 2!
Bubble Go»Help the Bubble Go!
Bubble Tanks»Conquer the aquatic microverse!
Bubble Town»Banish the Lumps!
Bubblefish Bob»Dive into deep-sea fun.
Bubbleflies»Capture butterflies in bubbles!
Bubblegum Eater»Gumballs keep falling on your head!
Bubble'o'Mania»Blast the bubbles out of the air!
Bubbles Smile»Destroy the Bubble Smile!
Bubblez!»Pop bubbles for points!
Bug Box»Help a butterfly get home!
Bugs and Butterflies»It's a bug's life in this matching game.
Buku Dominoes»Get a taste of the classic strategy game.
Bulbat»Help poor Bulbat!
Bumble»Help Bumble get his honey!
Bungee Jumping Fun»Have some Bungee Jumping Fun!
Bunny Defence Force»Defend Easter from hostile aliens.
Burger Island»Help Patty build the best burger stand!
Burger Island 2: The Missing Ingredients»Fast burgers, great surf!
Burger Jam»Serve up some delicious burgers!
Burger Shop»Food fun for everyone!
Burger Shop 2»Have some fast-paced food making fun!
Butterfly Escape»Help free the butterflies!
Cabin Escape»Escape a dangerous cabin!
Cafe Mahjongg»Match tiles to earn coffees.
Cake Collapse»Catch the falling cakes!
Cake Mania»Bake those cakes as fast as you can.
Cake Mania 2»An out-of-this-world adventure.
Cake Mania 3»Travel through time to save a wedding.
Cake Shop»All the ingredients for a good time!
Cake Shop 2»Construct a confectionery corporation!
Cake Swap»Make some goodies in Cake Swap!
Call of Atlantis»Heed the call and save Atlantis!
Candy Ball»Blast cavities, a sweet breakout game.
Candy Frenzy»Take on a Candy Frenzy!
Candy Party»Collect all the treats in Candy Party!
Candy Shop»Create colorful candies in Candy Shop!
Cannon»This Match 3 game`s a real blast!
Cannons of Night»Defend the Island of Night!
Captain Coppergravel»Dodge the asteroid onslaught!
Captain Octo»Defend the oceans using your ink shot!
Captain Rat»Shoot Captain Rat into the space!
Cargo»Deliver the Cargo!
Carnival Shooter»Test your shooting skills!
Carnival Star»Win prizes at the shooting range!
Cassandra's Journey: The Legacy of Nostradamus»Help Cassandra find her missing ring!
Castle of Cards»Build a house of cards!
Cat Catcher»Protect a mouse in Cat Catcher!
Cat Dancing Show»Enjoy the fun of a Cat Dancing Show!
Catalyst»Destroy molecules in this puzzle game!
Catch Em If You Can»Join the farming frenzy!
Catch The Star»Catch The Star!
Catwalk Countdown»Move up through the elite fashion world!
Celtic Lore: Sidhe Hills»Explore the word of Celtic myths!
Chainz»Un-chain your brain with this puzzler.
Chainz 2 Relinked»Perfect fun for the entire family!
Chap Hai»Compete in the ancient game of Chap Hai!
Chap Hai - Snake Bites»Master the game of Chap Hai – Snake Bites!
Chap Hai - Way of the Dragon»Knock away the yellow balls!
Cheery Dragon Tribe Protector»Protect the tribe!
Cheese Hunt»Go on a hunt for some delicious cheese!
Chef Training»Complete your Chef Training!
Chemical Experiments»Conduct Chemical Experiments!
Chess Cards»The card game of kings!
Chickaboom»Help Chickaboom!
Chicken Adventure»Go on a Chicken Adventure!
Chicken Chase»It's finger-clickin' good!
Chicken Escape»Help the Chicken Escape!
Chief Training 2»Dive into some kitchen training!
China Mahjong»Enjoy some China Mahjong!
Chinese Secret»Escape from the room!
Chocolate House»Make some delicious matches!
Chocolatier»Conquer the world through chocolate!
Chocolatier 2: Secret Ingredients»Build your own chocolate empire!
Chocolatier: Decadence by Design»The world is your truffle.
Chomper»Help Chomper eat some great grub!
Chopper Dropper»Destroy the boulders!
Christmas Lights»Dive into the Christmas Lights!
Christmas Memory»A memory game with holiday spirit!
Christmas Skill Shot»Take a Christmas Skill Shot!
Chromatica»Line up chromatic shapes!
Chromium»Collect the valuable Chromium!
Cinema Escape»Escape from a dangerous cinema!
Cinema Tycoon»Become the next Mega-Plex!
Cirplosion»Watch the circle go kaboom!
Cirzle»Squares make the Cirzle in this puzzle.
City of Dreams»Search the City of Dreams!
City Rain»Plan your own city in City Rain!
Clash N Slash»Dein Heimatplanet wird von UFO´s angegriffen!
Clayside»Build the house of your dreams!
Clever Clover»Match the Clever Clover!
Climbing»Make it to the top in Climbing!
Clueless»Cher needs your fashion sense!
Cockleshells»Watch the Cockleshells carefully!
Coffee Quest»Go on a Coffee Quest!
Coffee Rush»Wake up and smell the coffee!
Coffee Tycoon»Gives sim games a jolt of caffeine.
Coinz!»Count the money!
Collider»Solve each level by destroying the balls
Color Match»Oops! Sorry, no game description is available at this time.

Color Shift»Swap your way out of a colorful puzzle.
Color the Void»Defeat the baddies and Color the Void!
Color Trail»Restore the colors to Colorland!
Colorfill»Avoid enemies as you fill the screen!
Colors in the Sky»Bust the blocks to clear the level!
ColorWorld»Dive into ColorWorld!
Colour Bugs»Catch some cute critters in Colour Bugs!
Columz»Clear the blocks from the screen!
Compulse»Guide the orb!
Concentration»Test your memory and puzzling skills!
Confuse Box»1200 watts of challenging fun!
Confuse Box 2»Play three electrifying games in one!
Connect 4»Try to Connect 4!
Connectica»Link the pipes and let the water flow.
Contentric»Grab the rectangles as quickly as you can!
Contour»Use words to fill in the Contours!
Conveyor»Use the Conveyor to move the boxes!
Cooking Academy»The game where you are the chef!
Cooking Academy 2: World Cuisine»A whole world of food to prepare!
Cooking Dash»Help Flo cook delectable dishes!
Coral Cup 2»Win the Coral Cup!
Cosmo Defense»Defend the Cosmos!
Countdown Dice»Launch rockets with dice!
Country House Escape»Escape from the Country House!
Cradle of Persia»Build up Ancient Persia!
Cradle of Rome»The deepest match-3 game ever!
Crash Christmas»Help Santa deliver presents!
Crazy Bear»Crazy Bear has the need for speed!
Crazy Bees»Shoot down the Crazy Bees!
Crazy Fishing»Mercury-free fishing fun!
Crazy Go Nuts»Go nuts and help this squirrel!
Crazy Over Goo»Go Crazy Over Goo!
Crazy Plates»Control the Crazy Plates!
Crazy Squirrel»Tame the Crazy Squirrel!
Create A Mall»Get rich developing shopping malls!
Crime Puzzle»A mystery-solving puzzler.
Critical Mass»Eat radioactive power-ups and explode!
Critter Cubes»Stack the Critter Cubes!
Crystal Balls»Make the Crystal Balls disappear!
Crystal Caverns»Descend the Crystal Caverns!
Crystal Trap»Escape a Crystal Trap!
Crystalix»Destroy near impregnable comet fragments!
Cube Crasher»Match and smash colorful cubes!
Cube 'O'»The 1980s puzzle cube is back!
Cubic Disturbance»Use bombs to solve tricky puzzles!
Cubis Gold 2»A new dimension of fun!
Cupid's Heart»Sharpen Cupid`s aim!
Cupid's Heart 2»Cupid needs to shoot the hearts!
Custom Jigsaw»Put together a fun puzzle in Custom Jigsaw!
Cute Creatures in a Perfect Maze»Help the Cute Creatures escape!
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