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Kaardion»Blow up the bricks in Kaardion!
Kaban»Dive into Kaban!
Kaban Sheep»Herd the Sheep!
Kaban Sprint»Help Kaban Sprint through each level!
Kaban Steeplechase»Go on a Kaban Steeplechase!
Kangaroo Chase»Catch the Kangaroo!
Kate's Car Service»Run Kate's Car Service!
Kelly Green Garden Queen»Abandon the city for an organic farm!
Key Words»A jungle of words just for you!
Kindergarten»Put your maternal side to the test.
King Arthur's Mystery»Solve King Arthur's Mystery!
King Kong Skull Island Adventure»A puzzle game of epic proportions.
Kingdom of Saguenay»Defend the Kingdom of Saguenay!
Kitten Bowling»It’s time for some Kitten Bowling!
Kitten Dream»Catch fish in this Kitten Dream!
Klarbles»Peg solitaire, online and with klarbles!
Klondike Solitaire»Oops! Sorry, no game description is available at this time.
Klondike Solitaire»Cozy up to a familiar favorite.
Klouds»Use Klouds to remove the bombs!
Kullors»Create a Kullor of another color.
Kupid on Strike»Use Cupid`s arrows to shoot down hearts!
Kute»Collect the orbs in Kute!
Kutuke»Solve surreal symbols!
Kyobi»Enjoy this Fast-paced Match 3 game!
Ladybird Flee»Dodge the evil sheep!
Ladybug Pair-Up»Pair up the Ladybugs!
Ladystar»Spot the differences in this story!
Lamp of Aladdin»Travel to a world where dreams come true!
LandGrabbers»Conquer the world!
Layers»Figure out the Layers!
Le Patisserie»Serve up delicious food at Le Patisserie!
Leprechaun's Gold»Find the Leprechaun’s Gold!
Light Asylum Escape - Room 1»Escape from a mysterious asylum!
Light Asylum Escape - Room 2»Escape from Room 2 in Light Asylum!
Light Sprites»Cover the world with sprites!
Lightning Bugs»An enchanting puzzle game.
Lilith - A Friend at Hallows Eve»Have some Halloween fun with Lilith!
Line Match»Catch the critters in a line!
LineDodger»Whatever you do, don't toe the lines!
Linkz!»Connect marbles to clear tiles.
Liong: The Dragon Dance»Its Mahjong with a Puzzle Twist!
Little Farm»Transform the city folk into real farmers.
Little Red-Cap Run!»Escape a wolf before you become dinner!
Live Wires»Caution, high voltages ahead!
Lord of War 2»Repel the menacing Hordes!
Lost in Reefs»Explore the Bosom of the Sea and Discover the Secrets of an Ancient City
Lost in the City»Survive in the abandoned city!
Lost Memories»Find the Lost Memories!
Lost on Hidden Island»Become Lost on a Hidden Island!
Lt. Fly vs. the Spiders from Above»Battle the infantry spiders from above!
Luminara»Blast relentless luminescent shapes!
Luxor 2»Isis needs your help.
Luxor Amun Rising»The puzzling adventure continues.
M.I.L.O.»Seek the mysterious creator!
Mad Bombs»Help the Mad Bombs!
Mad Virus»Spread the virus!
Mad Worms Intrusion»Fend off the Mad Worms Intrusion!
Maestro Di Colore»Become the Maestro Di Colore!
Magic Academy»Overcome every challenge and you'll solve the mystery.
Magic Adventure»Go on a Magic Adventure!
Magic Bounce»Destroy the blocks in Magic Bounce!
Magic Eggs»Get the eggs into the nest!
Magic Match»Magic Match is a rich puzzle game.
Magic Match: The Genie's Journey»Discover a new Magic Match adventure.
Magic Poker»Master Magic Poker!
Magic Thread»Unweave the Magic Thread!
Magic Valentine»Find your Magic Valentine!
Magic Witch»Shoot down all the Magic Witches!
Magical Mysteries: Path of the Sorceress»Discover a magical mystery!
Magma Balance»Avoid the lava in Magma Balance!
Magnetic Rush»Survive a Magnetic Rush!
Mah-Jomino»An innovative new twist on Mahjong.
Mahjong Roadshow»Embark on an antique adventure!
Mahjongg Artifacts: Chapter 2»Discover the secret of the Man of Light.
Mahjongg Dimensions Deluxe»Transport to another Mahjongg Dimension!
Mahjongg Investigation - Under Suspicion»Master mahjongg to solve mysteries!
Mama Fly»Lay your larvae before you die!
Mandy and the Fairy Forest»Discover a haunted forest!
Mapmaking»Map out your geography skills!
Marbles»Hit the colorful marbles.
Marbles!»Destroy all the Marbles!
Marbly»Match the colored balls in Marbly!
Marbyl»Catch some marbyls!
Margrave Manor 2: Lost Ship»Find your grandfather`s hidden treasure!
Mark and Mandi Love Story»Help Cupid form true-love!
Masonic Mystery»Solve a Masonic Mystery!
Massage Paradise»Go to Massage Paradise!
Match Me»Match marine miscellanea!
Matchmaker: Joining Hearts»Help lonely hearts find their match!
Maverie the Mad Scientist»Dive into Maverie the Mad Scientist!
Maya»Unlock the ancient world of Maya.
Maya's Treasure»Find the Maya's Treasure!
Maze Man»Run as fast as you can, Maze Man!
Maze Man 2»More a-maze-ing Maze Man adventures!
Maze Stopper»An a-maze-ing game of flag keepaway.
Maze Stopper 2»Get your guy to the flag first!
Maze Stopper 3»Escape from ogres in Maze Stopper 3!
Meet My Valentine»Find the differences in this love story!
Meet My Valentine 2»Meet my Valentine!
Mega Bounce»Take on a Mega Bounce!
Meltdown»Gone fission?
Meteor Blast Synergy»Blast the meteor onslaught!
Meteor Blastor»Classic hand-held arcade action!
Meteors»Avoid meteors and drift through space.
Metheora»Survive this puzzle game!
Mi Adventures»Dive into some of Mi Adventures!
Midnight Mysteries: The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy»Discover and capture Poe`s murderer!
Midnight Race»Because brakes are for losers.
Mighty Miner»Dig, Mighty Miner mole, dig!
Mighty Red Orb»Guide the Mighty Red Orb!
Miki the Space Police»Stop the evil aliens from robbing a bank!
Miminost»Get back your snacks from a squirrel!
Mini Game Room»Enjoy the Mini Game Room!
Minihelli»Fly Minihelli through a cave!
Miracles»Bring happiness to the land.
MIRC»All your base must be defended!
Mirror»Find the matching mirror image!
Miss Teri Tale: Vote 4 Me»Get in on the election excitement!
Mk5»Pilot the super-cute Mk5 helibot.
Money Parking»Help maneuver vehicles in Money Parking!
Monkey Cannonball»Shoot items into a coconut basket!
Monkey Jump»Hop from platform to platform!
Monkey Math Balance»Balance the coconuts!
Monkey Mines»Find and flag the Monkey Mines to prevent any tragic accidents from occurring! Go bananas solving each level, as you master this Puzzle game. Can you make it to the end and protect the joyful monkeys?

Monkey Stack»Stack the adorable monkeys!
Monkey Treasures»Dive into some Monkey Treasures!
Monkey Xmas Present»Have a very Monkey XMas!
Monkey's Tower»Revive the jungles of Monkenya!
Monster Buster»Hunt down the correct Monster!
Monster in Love»Help these monsters find true love!
Monster Munch»Catch delicious snowflakes!
Monster Shop»Help run a spooky Monster Shop!
Monsters Gone Wild»Help these Monsters Gone Wild!
Mosaic Tomb of Mystery»Decipher ancient hieroglyphs.
Mouze Maze»Navigate amazing mazes!
Mr. Figgles»A mix of mouse-movement skill and arcade action!
Multi Pinball»Play Multi Pinball!
Museum of Thieves»Escape the Museum of Thieves!
Mushberries Tree House»Keep the juice flowing!
Mushroom Catcher»Catch the Mushrooms!
Mushroom Revolution»Defend your village from invaders!
Music Puppy»Catch the music notes!
Music Room Escape»Escape from the Music Room!
Mustache Warrior»Shoot down the hordes of evil bats!
Mutant Heads»Clone clean-up on aisle two.
My Invasion»Defend the planet from invading aliens!
My Kingdom for the Princess»Earn the hand of a beautiful princess!
My Kingdom for the Princess II»Help Arthur save Helen!
My Kingdom for the Princess III»It's time to rebuild the kingdom!
Mysteriez»Try your hand at fine art!
Mysteriez! 2»Find more hidden numbers!
Mystery Case Files: Huntsville»For the sleuth in us all!
Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate ®»You be the detective.
Mystery Case Files: Prime Suspects»The FBI is baffled. Are you?
Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst ®»You be the detective.
Mystery Masterpiece: The Moonstone»Find and catch the Moonstone`s thief!
Mystery of Mortlake Mansion»Explore the mysterious Mortlake Mansion!
Mystery of Shark Island»Can you solve the mystery?
Mystery Solitaire: Secret Island»You're cast away on Secret Island.
Mystic Emporium»It’s time for some real magic!
Mythic Marbles»Discover your noble destiny!
Nancy Drew Dossier: Lights, Camera, Curses»Investigate a Hollywood curse!
Natalie Brooks: Secrets of Treasure House»Explore an old house full of secrets!
Natalie Brooks: The Treasures of Lost Kingdom»Help Natalie rescue her grandfather!
National Geographic presents: Herod's Lost Tomb»Explore an infamous lost tomb!
Native Americans Chronicles»Escape a mysterious room!
Neborf»Help the knight save the day!
Nebulae»Create your own big bang!
Need for Extreme»Feed your need for speed!
Need for Madness»Fulfill your need for madness!
Need for Waves»Feed your need for speed!
Negative City»Explore the Negative City!
NeoPods»Power the NeoPods!
Nertz Solitaire»Competitive solitaire at its best!
NeuroLight»Follow the pattern in NeuroLight!
Neverland Game»Explore the mystery of Neverland!
Nicole Adventures in Atlantis»Go on an adventure in Atlantis!
Nicole Adventures in Egypt»Go on an Adventure in Egypt!
Nicole Adventures in Mexico»Follow Nicole to Mexico!
Night Horror»A spooky action game.
Night of the Scarecrows»Defend your village from scarecrows!
NightShift Legacy: The Jaguar`s Eye»Track down the elusive Jaguar`s Eye!
Ninja Gardener»Defend your garden with ninja skills!
Ninja Hunter»Wage a war of letters against ninjas.
Ninja Roll 2»Collect all the stars in Ninja Roll 2!
Ninja+»Use your ninja skills to collect coins!
No Place Like Home»Explore your home!
NoirBots»Help the NoirBots!
Noogie»Go on an adventure!
Numericon»The mystery of numbers.
Nurse Quest»Nurse, oh, nurse! The patients need you.
Nutty Gomba»Help this squirrel collect his nuts!
Ocean Catch Match»Help forgetful Uncle Ned!
Ocean Express»This ship is sailing!
Ocean Matches»Have some fun in Ocean Matches!
Old Castle Mystery»Solve an Old Castle Mystery!
Old Pottery Secret»Discover the Old Pottery Secret!
Olive War»Pepper enemies with pimentos!
Once Upon a Time in Chicago»A fun lotto game set in 1930s Chicago!
Online Physics Phrenzy»Guide the monkey to his bananas.
Online Sudoku»Addicting puzzle game.
Open Doors»A floor plan for fun!
Orange You Glad»Gobble up the falling oranges!
Orbital Decay»Defend your ship from attackers!
Orc Slayer»Become the Orc Slayer!
Orchard 2»Grow apples in Orchard 2!
Outback Olympics»Become an outback olympian!
Outert»Find the correct pieces!
Paddle Smash»Bust into an old school classic.
Paint Pals»Help your Paint Pals!
Painty»Solve Painty Puzzles!
Pakoombo»Follow an ancient treasure map!
Panda's Big Adventure»Help Panda make it home!
Panda's Bigger Adventure»Help Panda make it home!
Panic Room Escape»Escape the Panic Room!
Papa Louie: When Pizza Attacks»Battle evil pizzas and sinister ingredients.
Paparazzi»Take photos and get the gossip!
Papa's Pizzeria»A pizza-making frenzy!
Paper Aircraft»Guide your Paper Aircraft!
Paper Chase»Help Max destroy his enemies!
Parking Dash»Rack, track, and stack colorful cars!
Parking Mania»The puzzle fun never stops in this lot.
Parter»Find the parts that make the shape.
Particle Blaster»Blast the shapes into oblivion!
Patcha»Feed Patcha the bear!
Patchworkz!»Patch together the puzzle!
Pathways 2»Can you figure out the right path?
Pebble Wonder»Jump the pebbles!
Peg Solitaire»Take on a challenging Puzzle!
Penguin Boxes»Create some gorgeous Penguin Boxes!
Penguin Diner»Help! Penny the Penguin needs airfare!
Penguin Diner 2»Run a Penguin Diner!
Penguin Salvage»Collect the Penguin Salvage!
Penguin Sky-Jump»Take to the air in Penguin Sky-Jump!
Penguin Tower»Stack the cute penguins!
Penguins Can Fly!»Penguins Can Fly!
Perfect Ricochet»Curling, without the ice and brooms.
Pet Lion»Can you survive a Pet Lion?
Pets Fun House»Manage an amusing pet shop.
Pharaoh's Tomb»Escape from the Pharaoh’s Tomb!
Photo Frenzy»Spot the differences between 2 photos.
PicBix»Fix the pic in PicBix!
Picking Nuts»Have some fun Picking Nuts!
Picnic Puzzle»Solve a Picnic Puzzle!
Picture Matching»Have some fun Puzzle Matching!
Picture Pyramid»A find-the-differences picture game.
Pig on the Rocket»Help the Pig on the Rocket escape!
Pig's Trip»Go on an exciting Pig’s Trip!
Pingifish»Feed the penguin!
Pink Room Escape»Escape from the Pink Room!
Pirate Jong»Yo ho, yo ho, pirate majong for you.
Pirate Solitaire»Follow a pirate’s treasure map!
Pirate's Last Adventure»Go on a Pirate's Last Adventure!
Pirate's Treasure»Find the hidden Pirate's Treasure!
Pixel Animal Hunter»Pixel animals are on the rampage!
Pixelshock's Tower Defence II»Can you defeat the advancing creeps?
Pizza Bar»Run a Pizza Bar!
Pizza Delivery»Run your own pizzeria!
Pizza Delivery 2»Order up! Deliver the cheesy goodness.
Pizza Fun»Have some Pizza Fun!
Pizza Pronto»Make a delicious Pizza, Pronto!
Plan it Green»Become a new Mayor and Plan it Green!
Planet Basher»Collect stars to upgrade your ship!
Planet Basher 2»Use your ship to collect stardust!
Planetary Twist»Match 3 on a planetary scale!
Plantasia»Create and restore magical gardens!
Plok»Destroy the Ploks!
Plonk»Defeat the enemy in Plonk!
Plop Art»Plop go the creatures!
Plop Art Sudoku»Enjoy some unique Sudoku fun!
Plum Chess»Dive into Plum Chess!
Pocket Creature Hidden Object»Find the Pocket Creatures!
Pocket Creature Hidden Object 2»Find the Pocket Creatures!
Poisonous Flower»Defeat the Poisonous Flower!
Poker Patience»A whole new way to play!
Poker Superstars II»The Superstars are ready, are you?
Poker Superstars III»Ready for the next challenge?
Polar Slide»Go for a Polar Slide!
Polarity Freak»Become a Polarity Freak!
Polleke's Blue Room»Escape the Freakin Room!
Pong Out 2»Play 2 arcade classics at once.
Pool Fiesta»Enjoy a wacky Pool Fiesta!
Pool Maniac»Become a Pool Maniac!
Pop Pies»An explosive recipe for fun!
Pop Pies 2»Match like colored pieces to Pop Pies!
Pop-a-Tronic»All that and a bag of tricks
Popo & Bobo»Help 2 flabby clowns polish their act.
Popopop 2»Solve clever puzzles in Popopop 2!
Posh Boutique»Run the perfect Posh Boutique!
Potboy's Adventure»Experience Potboy’s Adventures!
Potion Bar»Sell a Potion - Save the World!
Power Fist»Move boxes with your Power Fist!
Power Vacuum»Guide the atoms in this fun Puzzle game!
Poxxle»Go ahead, lose your marbles!
Prehistoric Archer»Become a Prehistoric Archer!
Primal Alarm»Catch the food in Primal Alarm!
Princess Tale»Hear the Princess Tale!
Prison Escape»Escape from the Prison!
Prizma Puzzle 2»Can you solve the Prizma Puzzle?
Professor Fizzwizzle»Help the Professor back to his lab!
Prople»Stop the wicked demon Izzu!
Protector»Evil is here. Are your units ready?
Providence»Pilot the ultimate mech unit!
Pubbles»Destroy the Pubbles as quickly as you can!
Puff Ball»Even crabs need recreation!
Pulse»Test your rock 'n' roll reflexes.
Puppy Stylin`»Compete in dog shows to win it all!
Purrfect Pet Shop»Create your own special pet!
Puru Fly to the Star»Help Puru Fly to the Star!
Puru Harvest Match»Bring in the harvest!
Puru Pirate's War»Fight in the Pirate's War!
Puru Puru 1»Help out Puru Puru!
Puru Puru 2»Help Puru make it home!
Puru Valentine's Shot»Take a shot with Puru!
Pushball»Move objects around using a Pushball!
PuttBase»Putt your way to a hole in one!
Puzzle City»Unique city-building simulation.
Puzzle Express»Your Pictures + Puzzle Train = Fun!
Pylea Crux»Escape from dangerous crooks!
Pyra-Maze»Escape the Pyra-Maze!
Pyramid Runner»Outsmart cruel the mummies and run!
Pyro»Light the torches and burn, baby, burn!
Qink»Discover the zen of puzzles!
Quad Bubble Extreme»Destroy the bubbles quickly!
Quartet»Form the Quartet!
Quick Spot»Find the matching picture!
Quilting Time»It`s Quilting Time!
Rabbits and Eggs»Help the Rabbit reach his eggs!
Raft Wars»Help Simon defend his treasure!
Rafter»Bombard bombs with blocks!
Rainbow»Find the Rainbow!
Rainbow Box»Save your girlfriend from an abductor!
Rainbow Mystery»Fun flower puzzles!
Rainbow Web 2»Break the evil spell!
Ramayana»Dive into Ramayana!
Ranch Rush»Turn 3 acres into a thriving ranch.
Rapid Wars»Think fast! Blast colorful enemy ships!
Reachin' Pichin»Aim for the skies!
Reaktor»Put yourself into thrilling action-puzzle adventure!
Realtor»Buy and sell to become a Realtor!
Red Hood»Help Red Hood take supplies to grandma!
Redbeard's Treasure»Get Redbeard's Treasure!
Regrowth»Help Mr. Seed save the forest!
Re-incarnation-ist»Learn the story of Reincarnationist!
Re-incarnations: The Awakening»Help Jane explore her past lives!
Release the Mooks 2»Release the mooks!
Rescue at Raijini Island»Embark on an epic adventure.
Retiring Day»Find the faulty items and train your successor!
Retroshoot»Blast your enemies away!
Revenge»Blast through the Imperial Army.
Reversi Gems»Light up all the Reversi Gems!
Ricochet Lost Worlds»Long-awaited sequel to Ricochet Xtreme!
Riddlegrim»A riddle game wrapped up in a puzzle.
Righteous Kill 2»Track down the mysterious Poet Killer!
Ringo the Lizard»Help Ringo the Lizard!
Rita's Flower Shop»Build beautiful bouquets!
Road Attack»Gun it in every sense!
Roads of Rome»Build the Roads to Rome!
Roads of Rome II»All roads lead to Rome!
Robin Hood and Treasures»Steal the treasures!
Robo Riot»Stop the Robo Riot in its tracks!
RoboFlu»Cure the dreaded RoboFlu!
Robot Reaction»Start a Robot Reaction with one click!
Robot Saga»Escape from evil robots in Robot Saga!
Rock Paper Scissors Challenge»Choose Rock, Paper, or Scissors!
Rocket Launcher»Launch a glorious rocket!
Rocketcat»These boots were made for blasting!
Rock'n'ball»Enjoy some Rock'n'ball!
Rodent Tree Jump»Become the new king of rodents!
Roll Hamster Roll»Grab the hamster's grub!
Romance of Rome»Visit the legendary Roman Empire!
Romantic Mystery»Solve a Romantic Mystery!
Romantic Pursuit»Go on a Romantic Pursuit!
Romantic Stories of the Wild West»Explore some Romantic Stories!
Rome: Curse of the Necklace»Explore Rome and solve a mystery.
Root Your Way!»Solve the puzzle!
Rope Skipping Fun»Enjoy some Rope Skipping Fun!
Rose Dungeon»Escape the Rose Dungeon!
Royal Envoy»Take the King’s Challenge!
Royal Ride»Go on a Royal Ride with a princess!
Rubber Chicken»Take on the Rubber Chicken!
Run Chicken Run»Escape a witch and Run Chicken Run!
Run to the Rocket»Run to the Rocket as quickly as you can!
Runes»Collect all the elements!
Rush»Survive the traffic Rush!
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