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In total, there are 1509 online games

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S.T.A.R. Defence»Defend your planet from aliens!
Safari»Africa awaits! Explore the jungle.
Saints and Sinners Bingo»This game will have you in bingo heaven.
Salon of Fun»Dive into the Salon of Fun!
Samantha Swift and the Golden Touch»Unravel the secrets of the Golden Touch!
Samantha Swift and the Hidden Roses of Athena»Recover the lost Roses of Athena!
Sameball»A maddening Match-3 puzzle!
SameGame»Match the similar blocks in SameGame!
Samorost 1»Help the gnome save his home!
Samorost 2»More trouble on the gnome front!
SandScript»Explore exotic locales one word at a time.
Sango»Experience the next level of word games!
Satisfashion»Become a top-model fashion designer!
Save the Penguin»Save the Penguin!
Scarfit»Hungry? Scarf down a token snack!
Scary Mary»Construct a web for Scary Mary!
Schooled»Help Goldie graduate from fish school.
Scoregamites»Solve epic puzzles with teamwork!
Scotland Secret»Discover a Scotland Secret!
Scramball 2»Escape dangerous mazes in Scramball 2!
Scribble»Dot to dot frenzy!
Scribble States!»Paint the states!
Scribble Two»More frenzied dot to dot action!
Sea Guard»Blow terrorists away!
Sea Journey»Experience a thrilling battle at sea!
Search for Wondla»Go on a Search for Wondla!
Searching for the TRUTH»Search for the truth!
Secret Coral War»Take part in the Secret Coral War!
Secret Stones»Discover the Secret Stones!
Seven»Add the numbers together to make them disappear!
Seven Wonders of the World»Piece together the Seven Wonders!
Shades»Explore a dangerous world in Shades!
Shady Old Room»Explore a Shady Old Room!
Shanghai»Travel to Shanghai for some Mahjongg fun!
Shape-a-licious»Six shape-a-licious games in one!
Shark Ball»Dive into the ocean with Shark Ball!
Sheep Pool»Round your sheep.
Sherlock»Solve the case, Sherlock!
Shi Sen»Match up the Mah Jong tiles!
Shift»Mad science guinea pig adventure!
Shift 2»Shift again (like last summer)!
Shift 3»Shift into a new Adventure mode.
Shooting Range»Take your shot at the Shooting Range!
Shopping Marathon»Shopping puzzles await you!
Shreembo Jump»Go on a Shreembo Jump!
Shumujong»A unique new mahjong puzzle.
Shutter Island»Some places never let you go…
Silhouette»Find the matching Silhouette!
Silhouette Game»Figure out what the object is!
Singleton»Find the unique figure!
Sister Act»Pull some pranks on your sister!
Skeet Shooting»Test your aim in Skeet Shooting!
Skid Pan»Tweak your ride and drive!
Skill Shot 2»Take your best shot!
Sky Control»Take complete Sky Control!
Slide Maze»Slide your way around the maze.
Slidern»Think two steps ahead in Slidern!
Slingo Deluxe»A unique combo of Bingo and Slots.
Slingo Supreme»The supreme sequel to Slingo Deluxe!
Slow & Blow»Bomb the King off the island!
Slug Racing»Race your slug against other slugs!
Sluggo»Feed Sluggo’s endless hunger!
Smart Balloon»Collect the coins!
Smart Dungeon Escape»Use your wits to escape from a dungeon!
Smart Dungeon Escape 2»Escape a dangerous dungeon!
Smiley Memory»Match pairs of wacky faces!
Smiley Popper»Pop the smileys!
Smiley Puzzle»Match up the smiley faces!
Smiley Puzzle: Girl Edition»Match your way to a smiley day.
Smiley Showdown»Partake in a Smiley Showdown!
Snake-Hunting for Bugs»Eat up some bugs!
Snap 3»Snap to it! Clear the board by threes.
Snoring»Stop the Snoring!
Snow Fight»Jump into a fun Snow Fight!
Snowball Fight»Join a Snowball Fight against penguins!
Snowy: Treasure Hunter»A hunt for ancient treasures!
Snowy: Treasure Hunter 2»Hunt for ancient treasure.
Snowy: Treasure Hunter 3»Snowy's back in action!
Soccer Ball»Juggle a Soccer Ball with your mouse!
Soccer Cup Solitaire»Go for the win with Soccer Cup Solitaire!
Soccer Fun»Guide your team to victory in Soccer Fun!
Solitaire Captive Queens»Save the Queens!
Solitaire Cruise»Set sail for a world of fun!
Solitaire Pop»Dig your way through ancient ruins!
Solitary Craft»Round up the ladybugs!
Somewhere in the Wild West»Escape the Wild West!
Soul Survivor»You are the Soul Survivor!
Sound of Gravity»Hear the Sound of Gravity!
Space Asteroids»Revisit an arcade classic, now in 3D.
Space Battle»Defeat the invading alien hordes!
Space Food Shop»Serve up delicious Space Food!
Space Runner»Collect valuable treasures!
Space Smash»Smash the alien!
Spaceskater»Save the planet by skating!
Spark»Help scout out a new planet!
Speeding Skateboard»Race around on a hoverboard!
Spider Challenge»Help a spider escape from a web!
Spin Madness»Put a new spin on hand-eye coordination.
Spin Madness 2»Dive into Spin Madness 2!
Spinner»A match-3 game with a serious twist!
Splitty Adventures»Avoid the obstacles in Splitty Adventures!
Splitty Adventures 2»Go on another Splitty Adventure!
Sports Smash»Match the sports balls!
Spot the Rectangle»Can you Spot the Rectangle?
Spread Path»Make it across the board!
Sprill and Ritchie: Adventures in Time»A time-tripping Hidden Object adventure!
Spring Winds»Save the falling baby birds!
Sproing!»Destroy green orbs using sproing power!
Sprout»Help the Sprout get home!
Square Breaker»Destroy the blocks in Square Breaker!
Square Divide»Shoot the red rectangles to divide `em!
Square Team»Don't be a square. Be a Square Team!
Squeezed»Avoid shooting stars!
Squid Hunter»Venture underwater in search of squid.
Squzzle»Place the pieces as quickly as you can!
Stacking Fun»Enjoy some Stacking Fun!
Star Blocks»Rotate the pieces around in Star Blocks!
Star Cannon»Capture the Stars!
Star Catcher»Become a Star Catcher!
Star Defender 4»There`s a new war raging in the galaxy!
Star Fighter»Blast away your enemies in Star Fighter!
Star Fire»Defend the valuable minerals of Earth!
Star Force: Destination Earth»Heed the call of the evil Emperor.
Star Obelisc»Defend your home from bizarre invaders!
Star Splash»Make a Star Splash!
Star Wars»Defend the orb!
StarFish»Help feed a hungry StarFish!
Starshine»Light up the night sky!
Stay Yellow»Make sure to Stay Yellow!
Steam Cab»Drive a Steam Cab!
Stiv's Quest»Go on Stiv's Quest!
Stone Age Wisdom»Use your Stone Age Wisdom!
Stop Jake»Stop Jake!
Stop the Flies»Stop the flies!
Storm Winds»Defend the mountain!
Stranded Viking»Help the poor Stranded Viking!
Stream Fighter»Ride the waves and score points!
Street Hawker»Help a Street Hawker make money!
Streets Edition»Spot the differences in the Streets!
Striped Escape»Help a bee escape space prison!
Sudoku Hero»Sudoku, the true way of the samurai.
Sudoku Mix»Jump into the Sudoku Mix!
Sugar Crash»Don't let your sugar crash!
Sunken Treasures»Discover a Sunken Treasure!
Super Granny 4»Granny is back and better than ever!
Super Mom»Become a Super Mom!
Super Stacker»Don't blow your Super Stack!
Super Stamp»Collect beautifully drawn stamps.
SuperFlight»Go on a SuperFlight!
Sushi Bar»Run a Sushi Bar!
Sushi of Fun»Gobble up Sushi of Fun!
Sushi Rush»Survive the Sushi Rush!
Suzie's Spa»Run Suzie's Spa!
Swimming Pool Escape»Escape a dangerous swimming pool!
Taco Bar»Run a Taco Bar!
Tailgen»Explore space in Tailgen!
Tailtag»Marshal colorful bug parades!
Take the Monster Home»Help a cute monster make his way home!
Tamus and Mitta Adventures»Go on an adventure!
Tangramz!»Discover the bigger picture!
Taoist»Blast away the enemies in Taoist!
Tarnation»Defend your garden from tars!
Tasty Food Memory»Match the foods for a Tasty Food Memory!
Tasty Planet»The world has never been so tasty!
TBA»Strategic cannoneering at its finest!
TBA Two»Forget the moon. Shoot for the stars!
Teleporter Escape»Repair a teleporter to escape!
Tellurian - X»Help Jack and Frederick!
Templar Secret»Escape from a mysterious room!
Temple of Jewels»Begin the ultimate adventure!
That Word Game»Catch the letters to make words!
The 80's Game with Martha Quinn»Totally fun 80's trivia challenge.
The Amazons' Leader»Stop the evil invaders!
The Brave Hussar»Go on a journey with The Brave Hussar!
The Economist»Walk the line of the Economist!
The Factory»Catch the falling gears!
The Flowering Nose in Slugland»Find the lost sprout of Slug Land!
The Gardener»Grow a garden and collect your harvest.
The Great Chocolate Chase»Try a tasty new twist on Chocolatier.
The Island: Castaway»Can you survive a shipwreck?
The Jolly Gang's Spooky Adventure»Investigate eerie hijinks!
The Last Winged Unicorn»Save The Last Winged Unicorn!
The Life of Squid»Gobble up the little fishies!
The Lost Bride»Grab your bride and get to church!
The Lost City of Gold»Get your hat and whip, then explore!
The Lost Inca Prophecy»Help Acua save the Inca civilization!
The Lost Kingdom Prophecy»Save the Kingdom of Rosefal!
The Magician's Handbook II: Blacklore»Stop the evil magician pirate BlackLore!
The Mystery of the Crystal Portal»Embark on a brain-bending adventure!
The Mystery of the Mary Celeste»Solve the mystery of the Mary Celeste!
The Mystic Way»Capture the squares and avoid enemies!
The Nao's Brick Challenge»Help Nao defeat the hat monsters!
The Outpost»Protect The Outpost!
The Quest»Defend the Beacon Tower!
The Quest 2»Make your way through The Quest 2!
The Racer»Can you handle a street race?
The Rise of Atlantis»Bring Atlantis back!
The Roaring Twenties»Run an employment agency!
The Savior»Defeat a knight and become The Savior!
The Scruffs»Help find hidden artifacts.
The Secret of Margrave Manor»Find hidden objects in a spooky house.
The Secret of Oak Island»Discover The Secret of Oak Island!
The Secret of Royal Bloodlines»Discover The Secret of Royal Bloodlines!
The Spring Queen's Lost Crown»Find the Lost Crown!
The Squirrel Game»Help a squirrel escape!
The Stone of Destiny»Awaken the Stone of Destiny.
The Sultan's Labyrinth»Help find Princess Sadira`s new husband.
The Timewaster Ultra»Need to kill a spare hour?
The Treasures Of Montezuma»Help Dr. Emily Jones solve a mystery!
The Treasures of Montezuma 2»Return to the jungle in this hit sequel!
The Tudors»Travel Europe as King Henry`s spy!
Theft at the Museum»Steal a valuable statue!
They Came From Planet X!»Planet X is attacking. Engage, captain!
Think»Fun with math!
Think Tank»Use a Think Tank to defeat your enemies!
Through Walls»Three dimensions of puzzling fun!
Tibet Quest»Search for the city of Shangri La.
Tic-A-Tac Royale»Addictive games of poker, 21 and dice!
Tidy Up!»Ready to tidy up your new apartment?
Tiger Moth»Fly the moth into light bulbs!
Tilt and Roll»Tilt and roll your way to the hole.
Tino's Fruit Stand»Help a monkey save the family business!
Tipping Point»Another lazy evening at home. Or is it?
Tipping Point 2»The adventure continues in the tropics.
Tipping Point 3»Further adventures, deep in the jungle.
Tipping Point 4»All alone in the jungle. Or are you?
Tomato Fun»Have some awesome Tomato Fun!
Toootem»Make words in Toootem!
Totem Mystery»Solve a Totem Mystery!
Totem Quest»Go on an epic puzzle adventure!
Tower Bloxx Deluxe»Build tall towers in a wacky city.
Tower Builder»Build a huge Tower!
Towerburg»Construct awesome towers in Towerburg!
Toy Factory Fun»Go to work at the Toy Factory!
Toy Tales»Go on a fun Toy Tale in this Match 3 game!
Tradewinds 2»Set sail for adventure in this super sequel.
Tradewinds Legends»Get carried away.
Tradewinds Odyssey»Sail the high seas in Ancient Greece!
Training Camp Escape»Escape from a Training Camp!
Trains»Help the trains reach their goal!
Transporter»Transport folks to safety!
Travelogue 360 : Paris»Paris holds something new for each of its visitors.
Treasure of Cutlass Reef»Conquer the seven seas!
Treasure Seekers: Follow the Ghosts»Free the trapped ghosts!
Treasure Seekers: The Enchanted Canvases»Find and save your brother!
Treasure Seekers: Visions of Gold»Embark on a Hidden Object adventure!
Tree House Builder»Build a tree house!
Tri Peak Solitaire 3D»A fresh new take on a classic!
Tri Towers Solitaire»Build a mystical kingdom!
Trial of the Gods: Ariadne's Fate»Save Ariadne from the evil Minotaur!
Triangles»Avoid the blue triangles in this game!
Tribal Hop»Jump on each platform in Tribal Hop!
Tribal Jungle - Fruit Quest»Go on a Fruit Quest!
Trickshot Golf»Mini-golf for online gamers!
Tricky Juggler»Step right up to this 3-card monte game.
Trijinx»Twisting, tumbling puzzle fun.
TriPeakz!»Super solitaire excitement!
Trivia Machine»Scale the knowledge ladder today.
Tropical Fish Shop: Annabel's Adventure»Help Annabel save a tropical fish shop!
Tropical Gems»Take on the Tropical Gems!
Tumblebugs»Tumblebugs is the hit action-puzzler!
Turkey Attack»Stop a dangerous Turkey Attack!
Turret Wars»Prevent enemies from reaching your headquarters!
Turti Trop»A unique matching game.
Turtix»An epic turtle adventure for you!
Turtle Break»Destroy the bricks!
Turtle Crysis»Think turtles can`t fly? Think again!
Turtle Defense»Set up a Turtle Defense!
Turtle Dreams to Fly»Help Turtle fly!
Turtle Odyssey 2»Ozzy needs your help again!
Tut's Quest»Dive into Tut’s Quest today!
Twin Cakes»Find the Twin Cakes!
Twist It»Twist It and solve the puzzles!
Twistingo»Revolutionary game!
Two 3»An explosive game of subtraction!
U-Boat Escape»Escape from a dangerous U-Boat!
Ultimate Billiards»Shoot some Ultimate Billiards!
Ultimate Football»Score a touchdown in Ultimate Football!
Ultimate Mega Hoops»Make as many baskets as you can!
Ultimate Racing»Hit the racetrack in Ultimate Racing!
Undead on Halloween»Fight off the Undead on Halloween!
Underwater»Save the crab from being crushed!
Underwater Thing»Blow up the Underwater Things!
Underwater Treasures»Pop the marbles to find Underwater Treasures!
Unravel»Unravel those wires!
Unsolved Mystery Club: Amelia Earhart»Find out what happened to Amelia Earhart!
US Cities»Spot the US Cities!
USS Racing»Customize your ride and hit the track.
Vacation House Escape»Escape from the Vacation House!
Valentine's Shop»Serve up great gifts in Valentine’s Shop!
Van TT»Navigate the highly dangerous track!
Varas»Blast your enemies out of the sky!
Veggie Fling»Stop eating veggies. Fling `em instead!
Vein's World»Protect your body from evil germs!
Viking»Help a Viking defeat the knights!
Villagers Defense»Help the villagers defend their town!
Virtual Farm»It`s a hillbilly, hay-ridin` adventure.
Virtual Villagers: A New Home»Lead your tribe to success.
Virtual Villagers: The Lost Children»The sequel to your favorite sim game!
Voracity»Feed your appetite for strategy!
Wackio»Bash your enemies in Wackio, a unique platformer! Bounce around the levels and reach the exit as quickly as you can!

Wacky Workout»Take on a Wacky Workout!
Wake Up»Wake up your friends!
Wandering Willows»Discover a world full of surprises!
War of Guns»Are you ready for a tactical War of Guns?
War of the Clowns»Win the War of the Clowns!
War of Winds»Choose a side in the War of Winds!
Warbringers»Command a tank into battle!
Water Bag Thrower»Toss water balloons at helpless victims!
Watermelon Hunter»Help the Watermelon Hunter!
Way of the Tangram»Can you beat these ancient puzzles?
We are the Robots»Help out the Robots!
Wedding Dash»Help Quinn make wedding bells ring!
Wedding Dash 2: Rings Around the World»Plan the year`s most exclusive wedding.
Wedding Empire»Build a Wedding Empire!
Wedding Escape»Escape from a wedding hall!
Wedding Salon»Try your hand at the wedding business!
Well Sudoku»Classic Sudoku, with a colorful twist!
Wendy's Wellness»Build up your own wellness center!
Werewolf Mystery»Solve a Werewolf Mystery!
Western Shoot»Sharpen your aim in the Wild West!
Westward»Stake your claim in the wild West!
Whacka»Take a whack at this arcade game!
Whack-a-Bomb!»Whack-a-bomb before it explodes!
Whack-a-troll»Escape from the troll haunt!
Wheel Burrow»Get deep underground with Wheel Burrow!
Whindy in a Colorless World»Help Whindy collect all the flowers!
Whindy in the Caves»Help Whindy escape the caves!
White Water Rafting Trip»Guide your raft over the rapids!
Whitehead Solitaire»Kiss boring old solitaire goodbye!
Whooly 2»Go on an adventure with Whooly!
Wild Evader»Bob and weave with the Wild Evader!
Wild Mirror»Spot the differences!
Wind Rider - Grand Prix»Become a Wind Rider!
Winged Bullet»Take to the air with the Winged Bullet!
Wizard Land»Solve the mysteries of Wizard Land!
Wizard of Symbols»Decode the Wizard`s magical symbols.
Woodville Chronicles»Build your own beautiful town!
Word Jolt»A jolt of intense
Word Master»This haunted house spells trouble.
Word Monaco»Take a wordy break on a Mediterranean beach.
Word Sailing»Make words to propel your boat!
Word Stone»Test your vocabulary skills!
Word Zen»The word game with a mahjong twist!
Worder»Create words in Worder!
Worderfall»Create awesome words in Worderfall!
WordJong»Combines word games and mahjong!
Wordz!»A swap-and-match word game.
World Basket Cup»Compete in the World Basket Cup!
World on Fire»Put out the dangerous fires!
World Voyage»Take a spectacular world-spanning tour!
Worm Heroes»Help out these Worm Heroes!
Worm Madness»Experience some Worm Madness!
Worm Sojourn»It's squirmin' time!
Xango Tango»Crate-crashing action, brain-stretching fun!
X-Climber»Help a duckling climb up a cliff!
Xmas Color Twist»Have some Xmas Color Twist fun!
Xmas Stars»Catch the Xmas Stars!
Xmas Trouble»Figure out the Xmas Trouble!
Xtreme Motor»Motor to the extreme!
You Blind!»Figure out the correct shapes!
Youda Fairy»Learn to cast spells and free the kingdom!
Youda Farmer»Experience the wonders of country life!
Youda Farmer 2: Save the Village»Stop the Big Boss and save the village!
Youda Legend: The Curse of the Amsterdam Diamond»Explore the beautiful city of Amsterdam!
Youda Marina»Create the Marina of your dreams!
Youda Safari»Give tourists a memorable experience!
Youda Survivor»Take off on an incredible adventure!
Youda Survivor 2»Go back to the island!
Youda Sushi Chef»Become an authentic Sushi Chef!
Zach Maze»Survive the Zach Maze!
Zafiro»Use gravity to escape the maze!
Zap in Space»Blast your way through space with Zap!
Zenerchi»Balance your chi, one match at a time!
Zippy Fish»Gobble up the fish!
Zodiac Reactor»Protect the Zodiac Reactor!
Zoe's Sub Adventure»Help Zoe make delicious subs!
Zombie Kitten Attack»Survive the zombie kitten attack!
Zombies Must Die»The Zombies Must Die!
Zombies4Hire - Supermarket Bowling»Bowl down the Zombies!
Zoo Racer»Become a Zoo Racer!
Zulu Gems»An addictive puzzle game!
Zuma Ball»Destroy the Zuma Balls!
Zunder Fury»Battle waves of retro space aliens!
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