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In total, there are 2207 PC games.

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F.A.C.E.S. » Embrace your unique gift!
F.A.C.E.S. Collector's Edition » Embrace your unique gift!
Fab Fashion » Fashion fun for everyone!
Fabulous Finds » Find the object you want, and sell it!
Faded Reality » Help Monica solve a deadly mystery!
Faerie Solitaire » Have some Faerie Solitaire fun!
Fairies » A breathtakingly beautiful puzzler!
Fairway » Spend some time on the Fairway!
Fairway Collector's Edition » Spend some time on the Fairway!
Fairway Solitaire » The best solitaire game ever!
Fairy Godmother Tycoon » Climb the ranks!
Fairy Island » Free the Fairies from furious Pirates!
Fairy Jewels » Shoot jewels and free fairies!
Fairy Jewels 2 » Free fairy town from an evil spell.
Fairy Maids » Become the cleaning fairy!
Fairy Nook » Navigate a fairy tale world!
Fairy Treasure » Recapture the great treasure!
Fallen Shadows » Discover yourself in the shadows!
Family Farm: Fresh Start » Rebuild the Family Farm!
Family Feud: Battle of the Sexes » Enjoy Family Feud Battle of the Sexes!
Family Restaurant » Test yourself in the kitchen!
Family Vacation California » Help the Simmons Family!
Fantastic Farm » Help Maggie run her magical farm!
Farm 2 » Run your very own farm!
Farm Craft » It’s time to get your hands dirty!
Farm Craft 2 » Stop the Global Vegetable Crisis!
Farm Frenzy » Show Old MacDonald how it`s done!
Farm Frenzy 2 » Do si do into this down-home sequel.
Farm Frenzy 3 » Manage five farms around the world!
Farm Frenzy 3: American Pie » A bumper crop of fun!
Farm Frenzy 3: Ice Age » Chill out with an all-new Farm Frenzy!
Farm Frenzy 3: Madagascar » Travel to the island of Madagascar!
Farm Frenzy 3: Russian Roulette » Feed the hungry astronauts!
Farm Frenzy Pizza Party » Make pizza ingredients on the farm!
Farm Frenzy: Ancient Rome » Help Scarlet feed the Roman soldiers!
Farm Frenzy: Gone Fishing » Raise a variety of exotic fish!
Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes » Raise ye olde animals!
Farm Mania » Save the family farm!
Farm Mania 2 » Build the farm of your dreams!
Farm Mania: Hot Vacation » Set out on a world tour!
Farm Tribe » Help Anny organize a farm in Farm Tribe!
Farmer Jane » Join the hoedown, revive Grandpa`s farm.
Farmers Market » Build a farm fresh marketplace!
Farmscapes » Help Joe restore his ranch!
Fashion Assistant » Experience the world of top fashion!
Fashion Boutique » Dive into the world of fashion!
Fashion Craze » Fashion Craze is sew much fun!
Fashion Dash » Cater to a new flock of fashionistas.
Fashion Finder: Secrets of Fashion NYC Edition » Find the hottest fashion trends!
Fashion Fits! » Run a fast-paced clothing store!
Fashion Fortune » Sell clothes and earn a Fashion Fortune!
Fashion Forward » Help Risha launch her line!
Fashion Rush » Set a trend with Satine!
Fashion Season » Help define the newest fashion trends!
Fashion Solitaire » Strike a pose with solitaire.
Fashion Star » Become a true Fashion Star!
Fashion Story » Help Mia find her own style!
Fashionista » Fun fashion simulation game.
Fatal Hearts » Uncover the secrets behind dreams.
Fate of the Pharaoh » Build glorious Egyptian towns!
Fated Haven: Chapter One » Stop an evil empire!
FBI: Paranormal Case » Discover the truth behind a thrilling mystery!
Fear For Sale: Mystery of McInroy Manor » Explore the McInroy Estate!
Feeders » An action puzzle of oceanic proportions!
Feng Shui Mahjong » Learn the teachings of eastern wise men.
Fever Frenzy » Cure the funniest epidemic ever!
Feyruna: Fairy Forest » Restore peace to the magical land.
Fiber Twig » Adventure-puzzling: get twiggy with it.
Fiber Twig 2 » Rstore the beauty of the Magic Gardens!
Fiction Fixers: Alice in Wonderland » Save Alice and all of Wonderland!
Fiction Fixers: The Curse of OZ » Save Oz from the evil Victor Vile!
Fill Up 2 » Earn tons of cash in Fill Up 2!
Fill Up! » Run an inherited gas station!
Find Your Own Way Home » Find Kevin Cronin from REO Speedwagon!
Finders Keepers » A high seas quest for treasure!
Finding Doggy » Help Doggy find his way home!
Finding Hope » Restore Hope’s home to its former beauty!
Fiona Finch and the Finest Flowers » Win the Finest Flowers competition!
Fire Flower » Puzzle through this maze!
Fireworks Extravaganza » A beautiful and explosive puzzler.
First Class Flurry » Become a star flight attendant.
Fish Tycoon » Go fishing for success!
FishCo » Become a Master Fishkeeper!
Fishdom » Design your dream aquarium.
Fishdom - Spooky Splash » Create your very own spooky aquarium!
Fishdom 2 » Dive into Match 3 fun in Fishdom 2!
Fishdom H2O: Hidden Odyssey » Find hidden items and create an aquarium!
Fishdom: Frosty Splash » Get splashed with frosty joy!
Fishdom: Seasons Under the Sea » Celebrate the holidays with Fishdom!
Fisher's Family Farm » Farm fish around the world!
Fishing Craze » Catch tons of fish in this arcade game!
Fitness Dash » Whip Dinertown into shape!
Fitness Frenzy » Get clients in tip-top shape.
Five Card Deluxe » Enthralling poker-style puzzle game.
Fix-It-Up Eighties: Meet Kate's Parents » Find out how Kate’s parents met!
Fix-it-up: Kates Adventure » From repair-shop to automotive empire.
Fix-It-Up: World Tour » Help Kate expand her car-repair empire!
Fizzball » Professor Fizzlewizzle returns!
Flalls » Fall into Flalls!
Flip or Flop Home Edition » Help your poor Granny buy a house!
Flip Words » A fun, phrase solving puzzler!
Flip Words 2 » Flip letters for word-making fun!
Floating Kingdoms » Build the palaces for the King.
Flower Mania » Make the flowers bloom!
Flower Paradise » Build your perfect flower garden!
Flower Quest » Let your love for puzzles bloom!
Flower Shop - Big City Break » Sell flowers!
Flower Stand Tycoon » Show your flower power in the city.
Flowers Story » Save the flower fairy!
Flowers Story: Fairy Quest » A colorful Match 3 experience!
Flowery Vale » A match 3 garden fantasy.
Fluttabyes » Help free the butterflies!
Flux Family Secrets - The Rabbit Hole » Travel back in time with Jesse!
Flux Family Secrets: The Ripple Effect » Fix time in this Hidden Object game!
Foreign Dreams » Enter a world of nightmares!
Forgotten Lands: First Colony » Lead your settlers to a new home.
Forgotten Riddles - The Mayan Princess » Solve riddles, uncover ancient secrets.
Forgotten Riddles: The Moonlight Sonatas » Solve riddles from the ghost of Amadeus.
Four Houses » Unlock ancient wisdom!
Frankenstein: The Dismembered Bride » Save Janet from Frankenstein!
FreeCell Wonderland » A new journey through Alice’s Wonderland
Frogs in Love » Win over the frog of your dreams!
Frogs vs Storks » Save your frogs from evil storks!
Frozen Kingdom » Restore summer to Fairy Land!
Fruit Fall Deluxe Edition » A fruit-tastic puzzle game!
Fruits Inc. » Turn a small farm into a fruit empire!
Fruity Garden » Defend your garden!
Frutti Freak for Newbies » Leap into a freaky new world!
Funky Farm 2 » Help expand Funky Farm!
Funny Miners » Manage gnomes to get rich in Funny Miners!
Fur Ball Frenzy » Capture the invading Furballs!
Fury Race » Fast and furious Match-3 style game.
Fussy Freddy » Feed alphabet soup to finicky Freddy.
G.H.O.S.T Chronicles: Phantom of the Renaissance Faire » Track down a mysterious ghost!
G.H.O.S.T. Hunters: The Haunting of Majesty Manor » Possible haunting or clever hoax?
G2 - Geeks Unleashed » Geek-tacular strategic puzzle adventure.
GabCab » Get ready for fun with GabCab!
Galapago » Collect beautiful creatures.
Gallop for Gold » This really is the mane event!
Garage Inc. » Run your very own auto garage!
Garden Dash » Turn asphalt into marvelous gardens!
Garden Defense » Defeat the enemy one garden at a time!
Garden Dreams » Go help Granny in the garden!
Garden Panic » Stop the invaders in Garden Panic!
Gardenscapes » Become an outdoor décor pro!
Geisha - The Secret Garden » Follow a Geisha on her dream journey!
Gem Ball Ancient Legends » Adventure to meet, wisdom to restore.
Gem Shop » Match gems to keep your customers happy!
Gemini Lost » Master the signs of the zodiac!
Gems Legend » Help Sasha find a cure.
Gems Quest » Awake totems for a match-3 adventure.
Gemsweeper » Embark on a grand puzzle expedition!
Ghost Town Mysteries: Bodie » Explore the Ghost Town of Bodie!
Gift Shop » Sell fabulous gifts!
Glimmer » Save Elithium from destruction!
Glyph » Save Kuros!
Glyph 2 » Unleash the five elemental worlds.
Go Go Gourmet: Chef of the Year » Cook your way into culinary stardom.
Go! Go! Rescue Squad! » Rescue desperate citizens!
Gobs of Fobs » Colorful puzzles in the land of Grundo!
Goddess Chronicles » Become a Goddess!
Go-Go Gourmet » Saute your way to gastronomic greatness!
Gold Miner Vegas » How much gold can you grab?
Golden Sub » Blast your way to treasure.
Golden Trails 2: The Lost Legacy » Uncover the lost legacy!
Golden Trails: The New Western Rush » Saddle up for fun in Golden Trails!
Golf Adventure Galaxy » Out of this world mini-golf!
Gotcha: Celebrity Secrets » Enter the world of celebrity gossip!
Gourmania » Slice and dice your way to the top!
Gourmania 2: Great Expectations » A smorgasbord of Hidden Object fun!
Gourmania 3: Zoo Zoom » Launch exotic restaurants!
Governor of Poker » Hold `em and know when to fold `em.
Governor of Poker 2 » Fight the ban on poker!
Grace's Quest: To Catch An Art Thief » Stop a gang of art thieves!
Grandpa's Candy Factory » Help save Grandpa`s Candy Factory!
Granny in Paradise » Help Granny rescue her kittens.
Gravely Silent: House of Deadlock » Save your sister from the grave!
Gravely Silent: House of Deadlock Collector's Edition » Save your sister from the grave!
Great Adventures: Lost in Mountains » Find a missing scientist!
Great Adventures: Xmas Edition » Go on a Great Adventure!
Great Escapes Solitaire Collection » A dozen kinds of fun!
Great Migrations » Go on a Great Migration!
Great Secrets: Da Vinci » Follow da Vinci`s lost diary!
Great Secrets: Nostradamus » Discover the Elixir of Eternal Youth!
Great Wall of Words » Spell words to save the wall.
Greek Goddesses of Solitaire » Free the Greek Goddesses of Solitaire!
Green Moon » The Green Moon is calling you!
Green Valley: Fun on the Farm » Harvest acres of match three fun!
Grim Facade: Mystery of Venice » Solve the Mystery of Venice!
Grim Tales: The Bride » Find out what happened to your sister!
Grim Tales: The Bride Collector's Edition » Find out what happened to your sister!
Grimm's Hatchery » Raise magical pets and fight monsters!
Gunslinger Solitaire » Meet the new solitaire cowboy in town.
Gutterball 2 » A striking sequel!
Gwen the Magic Nanny » Help Gwen the Magic Nanny!
Haiku Journey » Puzzling haikus for you.
Hallowed Legends: Samhain » Save the missing festival goers!
Hallowed Legends: Samhain Collector's Edition » Save the missing festival goers!
Halloween:Trick or Treat » Dive into Halloween: Trick or Treat!
Hamlet » Save Hamlet's girlfriend from Claudius!
Hanging Gardens of Babylon » Save the city of Babylon!
HappyVille: Quest for Utopia » Can you create a Utopia?
Harlequin Presents : Hidden Object of Desire » Help Allie find some breaking news!
Haunted Domains » Manage a haunted hotel!
Haunted Halls: Green Hills Sanitarium » Explore the Haunted Halls!
Haunted Hotel » Explore creepy rooms to find items.
Haunted Hotel II: Believe the Lies » Crack the case of the Haunted Hotel!
Haunted Hotel: Lonely Dream » Explore the Haunted Hotel!
Haunted Legends: The Bronze Horseman » Find the Mayor’s son!
Haunted Legends: The Queen of Spades » Find missing Lt. Pierre Disparu!
Haunted Legends: The Queen of Spades Collector's Edition » Find missing Lt. Pierre Disparu!
Haunted Manor: Lord of Mirrors » Help Stan escape the Haunted Manor!
Haunted Manor: Lord of Mirrors Collector's Edition » Help Stan Riddle escape the Haunted Manor!
Hawaiian Explorer 2: Lost Island » Join Charlie in finding the Lost Island.
Heartwild Solitaire » The solitaire game that reveals a story!
Heartwild Solitaire - Book Two » Dive into Heartwild Solitaire: Book Two!
Hell's Kitchen » Enter Gordon Ramsay`s culinary boot camp.
Heroes of Hellas » An unforgettable adventure through time.
Heroes of Hellas 2: Olympia » Match 3 and city-building fun!
Heroes of Hellas 3: Athens » Rebuild Athens in Heroes of Hellas 3!
Heroes of Kalevala » Explore the mysterious land of Kalevala!
Herofy » Explore dangerous dungeons!
Hexalot » The Knights of The Round Table need you!
Hexcite » A sensational puzzle game!
Hexic Deluxe » A strategic, mind-boggling puzzler!
Hexus » Become a powerful Pharaoh!
Hidato Adventures » Solve ancient Hidato puzzles!
Hidden Expedition ® - Devil's Triangle » Explore the mysterious Devil`s Triangle!
Hidden Expedition ®: Amazon » Explore ancient worlds in the Amazon.
Hidden Expedition ®: Everest » Race to the Roof of the World!
Hidden Expedition ®: Titanic » Dive into the past!
Hidden Expedition: The Uncharted Islands » Stop a ruthless pirate!
Hidden Identity: Chicago Blackout » Find the clues to your lost identity!
Hidden in Time: Looking-glass Lane » Go back in time and save 11 lives!
Hidden in Time: Mirror Mirror » A magic mirror is the key to true love.
Hidden Magic » Help a mage find the love of his life!
Hidden Mysteries ®: Buckingham Palace » Discover secrets within a royal building.
Hidden Mysteries ®: Civil War » Scour original battlefields for clues.
Hidden Mysteries: The Forbidden City » Uncover the Forbidden City!
Hidden Mysteries®: Salem Secrets » Investigate the rumors of witchcraft!
Hidden Mysteries®: The Fateful Voyage - Titanic » Go on board the infamous Titanic!
Hidden Mysteries®: Vampire Secrets » Join Claire on a Hidden Mystery!
Hidden Object Crosswords » Solve riddles and find Hidden Objects!
Hidden Object Movie Studios: I'll Believe You » Gather all the movie props!
Hidden Relics » Track down 100`s of stolen antiques.
Hidden Secrets: The Nightmare » Help Flora Dale recover her memory.
Hidden Wonders of the Depths » Dive into an abyss of puzzle delight.
Hidden Wonders of the Depths 2 » Help your crab explore the world!
Hidden Wonders of the Depths 3: Atlantis Adventures » Travel to Atlantis for Match 3 fun!
Hidden World » Restore a broken land!
Hidden World of Art » Restore classical works of art!
Hidden World of Art 2: Undercover Art Agent » Bring a gang of art thieves to justice!
Hide & Secret 2: Cliffhanger Castle » Go globe-trotting in this hit sequel.
Hide & Secret 3: Pharaoh's Quest » Help reunite two ancient lovers!
Hide and Secret » Seek out the Treasures of the Ages!
Hide and Secret: The Lost World » Save a damsel in distress!
Hobby Farm » Manage your very own farm!
Hodgepodge Hollow » Travel to Hodgepodge Hollow!
Holiday Bonus » What's in Santa's sack? Puzzles!
Holiday Gift » Enjoy a holiday gift of fun!
Holly 2 » Find and save Holly`s daughter!
Holly: A Christmas Tale Deluxe » A dazzling new holiday classic!
Hollywood Files: Deadly Intrigues » Solve a murder case!
Hollywood Tycoon » Become a movie mogul!
Home Sweet Home » Design and build fabulous rooms!
Home Sweet Home 2: Kitchens and Baths » Be a design diva in this hip sequel.
Home Sweet Home: Christmas Edition » Santa needs you - so get designing!
Honeybee » Help the Queen Bee!
Horatio's Travels » Sell tasty treats to crazy customers!
Hospital Haste » Help Sally take care of her patients!
Hospital Hustle » Get in on the hospital hijinks!
Hostile Makeover » Solve a fashion murdery mystery!
Hot Dish » Become a cooking sensation!
Hot Dish 2: Cross Country Cook Off » Get into the Gourmet Grand Prix
Hotdog Hotshot » Become a Hotdog Hotshot in New York!
Hotel » Solve the mystery of the Bellevue Hotel!
Hotel Dash 2: Lost Luxuries » Restore five nature-themed hotels!
Hotel Dash: Suite Success » Check in for action and mystery!
Hotel Mogul » Help get back the family business!
Hotel Mogul: Las Vegas » Hit the jackpot of fun!
House, M.D. » Help House make a diagnosis!
Hoyle Enchanted Puzzles » Help a young wizard fulfill her destiny.
Hoyle Miami Solitaire » Endless hours of card-flipping fun!
Huru Beach Party » Huru Humi mania hits the beach!
Hyperballoid 2 » Pushes all the boundaries!
Hyperballoid Golden Pack » Hyper-addictive Brick Buster game.
I Spy Fantasy » Explore fantastical worlds!
I SPY Fun House » Explore a carnival of illusions!
I SPY Mystery » Put your detective skills to the test!
I Spy: Spooky Mansion » A spooky mansion awaits you!
I SPY: Treasure Hunt » Discover an adventure in Smuggler’s Cove!
I.Q.: Identity Quest » Solve fun riddles, keep your mind sharp.
Ice Blast » Save the world from the next Ice Age!
Ice Cream Craze » Stack and serve ice cream!
Ice Cream Craze: Natural Hero » Stop the evil Dr. Bane!
Ice Cream Craze: Tycoon Takeover » Scoop and serve your way to success!
Ice Cream Dee Lites » Serve scoops and beat the heat.
Ice Cream Mania » Win the ice cream inheritance war.
Ice Cream Tycoon » Got a sweet tooth for fun? Ice cream time!
Ice Gems » Find the lost land of Atlantida!
Ice Princess » Break the ice and free the princess.
Ikibago » Match colors to discover a lost jewel.
Immortal Lovers » Dive into a tale of Immortal Love!
In Search of the Lost Temple » Find the Lost Temple!
Inca Ball » Puzzle quest for ancient treasures.
Incrediball The Seven Sapphires » Can you save the world?
Incredible Adventures of my Mom » Help Mrs. Burley stop the mafia!
Incredible Express » Help Maria become a railroad magnate!
Insider Tales: Stolen Venus » Help recover a stolen masterpiece!
Insider Tales: The Secret of Casanova » Discover The Secret of Casanova!
Insider Tales: The Stolen Venus 2 » Help Francesca convict the thief!
Insider Tales: Vanished in Rome » Italian adventure awaits you!
Inspector Parker » Help the Inspector solve a mystery!
InSpheration » A colorful twist on brain-bending fun!
Interpol 2: Most Wanted » Capture Interpol`s most wanted!
Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos » Capture a dangerous criminal.
Intrigue Inc: Raven's Flight » Track down a rogue agent!
Invadazoid » A mix of Space Invaders and brick-busting fun!
Iron Roses » Help Alex reunite her band, Iron Roses!
Isidiada » Solve riddles and have some Match 3 fun!
Island Realms » Build your own island paradise!
Island Tribe » Go on an unforgettable island escape!
Island Tribe 2 » Incredible island adventures!
Island: The Lost Medallion » Help James find his missing girlfriend!
It's all about masks » Travel to 19th century Europe!
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