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Casual Game Playing Locations

In the study undertaken by the BBC to better understand casual game playing locations, respondents were given the following options:

  1. At home, e.g. in the living room, bedroom, study or some other room;

  2. At the home of a friend or relative;

  3. At an Internet café;

  4. At school, college or university;

  5. At a library, e.g. public, school, college or university library;

  6. At work;

  7. Whilst traveling.

As it turns out the chosen locations of play is very much dependent on the platform used to play games (e.g. PC, game console, handheld/mobile, etc.) and the age of game players.

Here is what the survey uncovered:

  • 6-10 year olds – Not surprising, the majority of console and PC gaming of this age group takes place in the living room, with handheld/mobile games also being played in the bedroom;

  • 11-15 and 16-24 year olds – As the desire for privacy increases, a high proportion of these two age group play console and/or handheld/mobile games in the bedroom, while a significant amount of PC gaming still takes place in the living room;

  • 25-35 year olds – Since this age group is more likely to be living in their own accommodation, either owned or rented, it’s no surprise that the preferred room for all platforms (e.g. console, PC and handheld/mobile) is the living room;

  • 36-50 and 51-65 year olds – Console gaming remains in the living room for these last two age groups, although the PC tends to be placed either in the living room or the study. Clearly the majority of these two age groups don’t see the bedroom as an appropriate place for gaming., come on...dare to have some won't regret it.....
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