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Casual Game Playing Times

In a study commissioned by leading games maker PopCap Games, respondents were asked about their preferred casual game playing times.

Here are the findings of the most common times played:

  • 51% of respondents stated that they play on weekday evenings;

  • 47% stated that they play late at night, before going to bed;

  • 35% stated that they play on weekends;

  • 11% stated they play during working hours.

Psychologist, author, stress management expert and casual games player, Dr. Arinoldo noted that the 51% of respondents who identified weekday evenings as a time when they play – as opposed the smaller number who play on weekends – may be as a result of higher stress levels experienced during the work week.

In a similar survey carried out by Trymedia Systems (the parent company of Trygames), 73% of respondents play at night, 55% play on weekends and 48% play when they have the house to themselves., come on...dare to have some won't regret it.....
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