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Casual Games Primer

The purpose of this casual games primer is to help you obtain a high-level understanding of the so-called interactve entertainment industry and one of its key segments, the casual games sector.

The casual games sector is just one of several distinct sectors within the overall interactive entertainment industry – a fancy name used by gaming analysts to describe the computer and video games industry (also known as the video games industry or the computer games industry).

What exactly do I mean by "…one of several distinct sectors…"? Allow me to illustrate with an example. Primarily for analysis purposes, the video games industry can be sub-divided into certain key segments based on one or more segmentation variables.

For example, one way in which it can be sub-divided is based on the type of electronic device used to play a game (e.g. personal computer, game console, etc.). In this particular case, the segmentation variable used is the type of electronic device and would intuitively give rise to the PC, console, etc. sectors.

Another way in which the computer and video games industry can be segmented is to use the type of game player as a segmentation variable. In this case, assume there are the following three different types of game player (also known as a gamer): hardcore, core and casual gamer. Then, we could segment the video games industry into the following sectors: hardcore, core and casual games sector.

Therefore, when we talk about the casual games industry, we are referring to that portion of the interactive entertainment industry dealing with gaming products that are specifically developed and published for and distributed to the casual games market.

Interestingly, the casual games market is sometimes also referred to as the mass market. Why? Because the casual games industry reaches virtually all demographic sectors of the consumer market.

Also of interest, casual games are often also known as games for everyone.

Can the casual games industry itself be segmented into distinct sectors?

Yes. Just as the computer and video games industry can be divided into smaller sectors, so too can the casual games industry. This is easily accomplished by using one or more segmentation variables to segment the industry., come on...dare to have some won't regret it.....
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